Sailti Scoring Soft

Reliable and easy to use

Reliable and easy to use

Used in infinity of regional, Spanish nationals, European, World and ISAF Sailing World Cup events, Sailti Scoring Soft is a solid, reliable and easy to use scoring programme. With SAILTI Scoring Soft you can manage the results of any regatta you intend to organise.

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Create as many regattas as you wish, and as many classes and number of races as needed

SAILTI Scoring Soft allows the management of the results of all the regattas you organise, without limit in the number neither of participating classes nor in the number of races in each event.

Configuring a regatta is very easy. As simple as assigning the participating classes to the classes list and define the number of races scheduled for each class.

Regattas management

Introduce the entry list of each class in no time, with hardly any efforts

Thanks to the integration with all the SAILTI platform planes, introducing the entry list of a regatta is really simple and fast. Download the online entry list from SAILTI, import it to SAILTI Scoring Soft and it’s done

If you are not using the SAILTI platform, don’t worry, you can enter the competitors details manually in SAILTI Scoring Soft

Furthermore SAILTI Scoring Soft allows printing the final entry lists and the sing in and out forms for competitors, available throughout the regatta

Calculate the scores as soon as you receive the finishing order of each race

SAILTI Scoring Soft offers a fast way to enter the finishing order of each race without possibility of error. With this data, the programme assigns the scores corresponding to each competitor and calculates automatically the regatta overall results.

In case of disqualified competitors, RDG compensations or any other incidence, don’t worry, SAILTI Scoring Soft has everything ready to solve it easily and have the updated results in an instant.


Post the results on Internet and keep sailors and enthusiasts informed live

In combination with any of the plans of our online SAILTI platform, you can post your regatta results on the Internet. You only have to import them from SAILTI Scoring Soft to the SAILTI platform and ready. Simple, fast and easy.

Show online your regatta results with our SAILTI platform. Enjoy an impeccable, practical presentation which enables checking and arranging in one only screen the results of any of the races of the participating classes.

Besides, SAILTI Scoring Soft offers different printing formats, optimized according to the number of competitors so you can publish the regatta result on your Club’s Notice Board.