Reliable and easy to use

Complete and efficient

Integrated with SAILTI Regata, SAILTI club and SALTI Scoring Soft, SAILTI Federation offers a full set of online services for the sports management of your Federation, with which you will optimize your resources to the maximum and you will offer an impeccable service to your sailors, classes and clubs.


Organise the annual regatta calendar with the Clubs and post it instantly on your website

  1. Give your Clubs access to SAILTI Federation so that at the end of the season they create directly on the platform their calendar proposal for the next year
    In this way, you will have a full, unified view of all the proposals received with which you can:
    • Review clashes of dates with other regattas
    • Spot “non-practical” calendars for classes
    • Agree on a final calendar with Clubs and classes
  2. With just one click, the final annual calendar is posted on the Federation website
    • Organised by years and months
    • With filter options by classes and Clubs
    • With a powerful searcher to access any regatta with just one click
  3. Includes a printable PDF version, always updated with the possible changes that may happen during the season. Undoubtedly, a perfect solution to save on printing costs and distribution of a calendar on paper.
Creating the annual calendar will no longer be a frustrating, difficult to coordinate task
Regatta calendar


Automatic rankings
No more exasperation calculating the rankings by hand over and over again with complex spreadsheets

Calculate automatically the ranking of each class and post them instantly on your website

By experience, we are aware that calculating rankings with spreadsheets is a tedious work subject to mistakes that delays its posting each time a new regatta that scores is held.

SAILTI Federation calculates the rankings of the classes from the results of the regattas selected. As soon as a new counting score is available, you can calculate the new ranking and post it automatically on the website with just one click.

To configure and obtain a ranking list is very simple

  1. Define the ranking and assign the regattas included
  2. Choose the formula you wish to apply to the ranking and it is a skipper or boat ranking
  3. Configure the discard system and the DNC value
  4. Each time there are new results, calculate the new ranking with a click
  5. Review the ranking result and apply the RDG´s manually if so needed
  6. Post the new ranking list on the website with just one click


Each sailor, a data form with all his/her results and best images

With SAILTI Federation, each of the sailors with territorial licence will have a complete personal data form on the Federation’s website which includes:

  • Name and surnames
  • Date of birth
  • Classes in which he/she has sailed the present and previous season
  • Position in the territorial ranking of his present class
  • Results of all the regattas in which he/she has participated
  • Images gallery
A most practical information system to assess the evolution of sailors and increase their motivation
Sailor data form



The selection events of each class on your Federation’s website, easy to update

  • Publishing on the website the trials of each class is really easy with Sailti Federation. You only have to select the forms of the sailors selected and assign them to the corresponding trial event. As easy and simple as that.
  • You can create as many trial events per class as needed and you can update them in no time whenever required.
  • With a printable PDF version always updated
  • Allows the Club to print each boat’s registration form with all the entry data providing an easy entry registration procedure in the Club before the start of the regatta
Keeping the list of selected sailors of each class up to date is easy and quick with SAILTI Federation


Speed up your work with the online renewal of the licence and offer a better service to the Federation members

  • SAILTI Federation allows setting up on your website an application for licence renewal form with online credit card payment.
  • You will receive a notification of each online renewal made and before validating it, you can check all the data directly on your SAILTI platform.
  • Furthermore, you can make the most of SAILTI Federation services to have an IT based, up to date form of each of the Federation members with all the data required for your administration work.
Finally, the renewal and payment of the licences via internet. Easy and simple for you and the Federation members