Passion for regattas and new technologies y las nuevas tecnologías!


SAILTI is the outcome of the business association of a team of people who share their passion for the world of sailing and regattas, the profession of telecommunications engineer or IT manager, a large experience in the organisation of international regattas and a professional activity of over 15 years dedicated to the development of management and website projects software.

We have a passion for the sea, sailing, regattas, Internet and new technologies. We can proudly say that these are areas we know well and master. And we have made of them our way of live throughout our long personal and professional career.

As a result of all this and following many projects in common over the past 5 years, SAILTI is born. Our intention is no other than transfer our knowledge and experience to all the Clubs, Federations and sailors that share with us the same passion for the world of sailing; the same will to improve our work every day and the same wish to make sailing become a more popular, closer and more attractive sport for everyone.

Our mission

To offer nautical clubs, sailing federations and class associations’ solutions based on new technologies, cheap, useful and easy to use as well as reliable. Solutions to contribute to have a more effective presence on Internet; to modernize and make their work more efficient enabling an easy, direct and personal communication with sailors, members and sailing enthusiasts. Solutions that, at the same time, approach sailing to the greater public and increase the interest of sponsors, advertisers and media on amateur and professional sailing regattas.

To develop technologically innovating proposals addressed to sailors, coaches and sailing enthusiasts that will contribute to increase their motivation, make the best of their preparations and improve their safety.

Our vision

Our vision is a sport of sailing up to date with the help of the new information and communication technologies. Attractive and easy to understand for the greater public. Affordable for all those wishing to practice it. Attractive, both at sport and financial level, for sponsors, advertisers and the media.